2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting

ASABE has secured a discounted People Mover pass for the duration of the 2018 Annual International Meeting. The link below will take you to the site to purchase the pass.

Cost = $9.00
Unlimited Rides - July 28-August 2
Deadline to Order – July 16 to Allow for Mailing of the Pass
Note – you will not be able to purchase the discounted group pass onsite

Link to Purchase Discounted Pass

General People Mover Information

What is the People Mover & Fast Pass

During conventions and conferences, registrants find the Fast Pass highly convenient. Having a Fast Pass enables the attendee to safely travel to additional functions, for meals and to enjoy experiencing Detroit sights, landmarks and activities.

Attendees are comfortable using the People Mover. The average number of daily trips a person may make back and forth during one convention day is four; with use of the People Mover, the value of a Fast Pass is truly realized as attendees utilize the People Mover system six or more times a day. Patrons enjoy climate-controlled comfort, well-lit stations and stops which are steps from hotels.

The Fast Pass is the one card for unlimited use. For the duration of the convention, attendees can just swipe their pass through the fare gate and they are on their way. The wait time for a train varies from 90 seconds to approximately 3 minutes. Travel as many times as you like – all for the cost of a cup of coffee.

It Adds Up
The fare to ride the People Mover is $.75. If an ASABE attendee did not use a Convention Fast Pass, the cash outlay over the four-day period would be significant:
Average daily trips during conventions: 4 Minimum Cash Spent in the fare gate over 6 Days: $24.00

For the 2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting, the standard rate of non-customized Convention Passes is priced at $9.00 per pass, based on $1.50 per day unlimited rides from July 28-August 2.