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As the metropolitan capital of the Inland Northwest, Spokane provides its visitors with an immense mixture of arts, culture, history, and adventure—and seeing as how it’s perched on the stunning Spokane Falls, the city itself is quite a looker, too. Offering everything from symphonies to horseback riding, Spokane brings out the best in whoever is visiting; from foodies to adrenaline junkies, everyone will have something to do while they’re here. And with such a dense variety of activities, you may find yourself making a foray into something entirely new on your Spokane trip plan.

If you’re looking for an urban trip while you’re here, you’ll be well taken care of: from the stunning spread of shops, boutiques, and coffee shops downtown, to River Park Square, you won’t run out of places to duck into. But just be warned, if you’re planning on staying indoors while you’re here, you’ll be sorely tempted by the staggering natural beauty that permeates Spokane. While you can certainly white water raft or head to Mt. Spokane to hike or ski, you can also experience something a little more accessible; Riverfront, Manito, and the pristine Dishman Hills are all within the city limits and provide some jaw-slackening sights. And with historically beautiful places like Browne’s Addition, and with festivities like Hoopfest and the Bloomsday Run scattered throughout the year, you may find it hard not to get out and explore.

But all of this adventure doesn’t mean that Spokane doesn’t know how to kick back and relax. From a cliff-top winery to bang-up breweries, you can definitely get a chance to sample the local way to rest and relax. And if you’re looking to indulge a little, you can always head to the historic Davenport Hotel and give their spa a shot. And if you’re looking for things to do after the sun sets, you won’t be short on options either. From legendary dives like The Riff to craft cocktail spots like The Volstead Act—and even music venue/bar combos like The Bartlett—no matter how you like to go out on the town, you’ll definitely be able find yourself a haunt while you’re here. And if that’s not quite your flavor of nightlife, there’s the Bing Crosby Theater (where the man himself was a band leader), as well as the Spokane Civic Theatre, one of the most revered community theaters in the nation.

Spokane is a city that’s as dynamic as it is historic, and from the nightlife to the outdoor exploration, there’s so much you can do. Whether you’re looking to hole up and catch up on some much needed R&R, get some shopping done, or have an action-packed trip plan in one of the most naturally beautiful cities anywhere, Spokane will deliver in spades. It’s a city where you’ll find what you’re looking for, and more importantly, it’s a city where, if you’re looking for it, you can find something that makes you want to explore something new.